Team Pickleball Store - Franklin Premier Pickleball League

Team Pickleball Store - Franklin Premier Pickleball League

The League

As of June 2023 we are the proud sponsors of a fantastic Pickleball team here in the UK. Aptly known as Team Pickleball Store the team comprises of some of the best pickleball players in Europe. Team Pickleballstore compete nationally at the Franklin Premier Pickleball League, the first league of its kind here in the UK and a showcase of talent for the finest players in the UK. Find out more about team Pickleball Store below.

The Team

Thaddea Lock - teamPickleballStore Captain

Thaddea Lock (Team Captain)

Thaddea is a pickleball player known around the world and recognised internationally. She is a key ambassador for the sport across Europe and we are extremely lucky to have her as our team captain for the 2023 pickleball season. Thaddea an ex-professional tennis player brings a competitive edge and experience to team Pickleball Store. Playing against some of the best players in the world including, Callie Smith and Catherine Parenteau. Thaddea discovered the sport whilst in Wichita, Kansas in 2018, being taught by none other than the No1 female player in the world at the time, Lucy Kovalova.


Pep Giuliano - Team Pickleballstore Vice Captain

Pep Giuliano (Vice Captain)

Gold Medalist and English Open mens double champion Pep Giuliano is a force to be reckoned with on the court. An extremely versatile player able to play in any pairing, Pep is the glue that binds team Pickleball Store together. Pep initially discovered pickleball after a friend in the US sent a video of a new racket sport he had never heard off. That was three years ago! The rest is history. Pep is a key advocate for the sport and a player liked by all.


Bernie Audibert - Team pickleballstore

Bernie Audibert

English Nationals Gold Medalist Bernie joins team Pickleballstore with a wealth of racket related accolades. Bernie has had a career high of 2 for tennis in Texas (2012) and is currently ranked #3 in the UK for beach tennis. Although living in the UK for 30 years Bernie only discovered pickleball when whilst in the UK. Playing for only a year we can tell Bernie is going to be a tough opponent to face. Bernie's presence on the pickleball court is set to leave an indelible mark. As a key player in Team Pickleballstore, Bernie's skills and expertise will contribute significantly to the team's success in the upcoming competitions. Prepare for exciting matches filled with intense rallies and unmatched finesse!

Emma Wrixon for team pickleball store

Emma Wrixon

Emma join team Pickleball Store after back to back wins across various European championships. Emma, a talented player whose recent achievements in European championships have turned heads in the pickleball community. With a rapid growth in skill and an unwavering determination, Emma's presence on the team promises to bring excitement and success. Emma discovered pickleball throgh the great work Richard Thoms does at David Lloyd Southampton.


Suzanne Rouse for Team Pickleball Store

Suzanne Rouse

Suzanne joins team pickleballstore with over 7 years of pickleball experience and many tournaments. Suzanne discovered the sport through the great work that London pickleball do here in the UK. A primary school teacher alongside her player role in team Pickleballstore Suzanne runs an after school club teaching the future generation of pickleballers, she calls them her "little pickles".


Emerson Gregory for Team pickleballstore

Emerson Gregory

As the youngest player in the league at only 14 years of age, Emerson is a  superb emerging talent for the sport here in the UK. A rising star to watch. Already, due to his skill level and ability Emerson is prohibited from competing in the juniors event at the English open. We are thrilled to have Emerson for team Pickleball Store before he is snapped up by a MLP team in US or for the PPA and APP tours.

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