Stay in the Game - Why you need more than one pickleball paddle!

Stay in the Game - Why you need more than one pickleball paddle!

You find yourself locked in an exhausting singles match, a gruelling three-set thriller with just one point left to score. But as you strike the ball something feels off. Your paddle feels as effective as hitting a stone with a piece of driftwood. It's then you realise: the core has crushed midway through the game. To your dismay, there's no replacement in sight so you proceed to play with the half beaten and broken paddle. The inconsistency of the shot sees the return fly right into the net. Thats it, the points lost. If you've ever experienced this, you understand the frustration.

We know how initially difficult finding the perfect paddle can be, the countless searches to find one that suits your play style. However, for pickleballers who play competitively in both singles and doubles matches, having more than one pickleball paddle becomes essential.

  1. Competitive Preparedness: For competitive players, having a backup ensures peace of mind in case of unforeseen mishaps such as core crushing, handle breaks or just bad luck. A replacement guarantees a quick fix when needed most.

  2. Practice Efficiency: Using a spare paddle for drills and practice sessions conserves the longevity of your primary paddle, particularly if it features a surface prone to wear, like a spray grit face, seen on paddles such as the Luxx, Power Air, and Fibreglass/Graphite-based paddles. For most players, preserving a paddle's spin potential is of paramount importance.

  3. Tailored Performance: Tailoring paddle selection to specific game formats—opting for power-centric paddles in singles for decisive shots or control-oriented paddles in doubles for strategic manoeuvring—can enhance your overall gameplay.

How to select a spare paddle:

  1. Choosing the same paddle: Selecting a backup identical to your existing paddle ensures continuity and familiarity in gameplay. Top players like Louis Laville and Thaddea Lock opt for multiple of the same paddle as they have found the perfect solution/fit for their game.

  2. Brand Consistency: If you favour a particular brand for its performance/quality, for example, Selkirk, Joola, or Paddletek, selecting a spare from the same brand maintains consistency in play but can open you up to different types of paddles from power-focused to control-based.

  3. Separate Power or Control Paddle: Depending on the game type and if you play both Singles and Doubles, you may be looking for more than one type of paddle. A power paddle, perhaps a thermoformed power paddle with more pop for increased power in ground strokes and overheads. Or a Control-based paddle for Dinks and Resets perfect for a doubles game. Myself, I like the Luxx Invikta for doubles due to its reset capability, and the Nova R1 for its balanced power.

In essence, while pickleball paddles can last quite a long time if cared for properly, and some exhibit remarkable durability, the saying it "better safe than sorry" can be something to think about/consider. If you need further help in selecting a paddle, our dedicated team of Paddle Experts stands ready to offer guidance and support. Feel free to reach out with any inquiries or concerns today.


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