Our Top Pickleball Paddle Choices for June 2024

Our Top Pickleball Paddle Choices for June 2024

It's that time of the month again where we discuss our favourite pickleball paddles. Whether you're exploring new paddle options or want to dive deep into the nuances of what makes a great pickleball paddle, this is the place to be.


Pickleball Paddles Under £100

  1. SLK Evo
  2. Vatic Prism Flash
  3. Bantam EX-L

These paddles offer excellent performance without breaking the bank, making them ideal for both beginners and seasoned players looking for budget-friendly options.

SLK EVO Control 2.0 - The Pickleball Store

Prism Flash - The Pickleball Store

Bantam EX-L - The Pickleball Store

Control Paddle Pick: Vanguard 2.0 Epic

For doubles specialists seeking superior control and spin, the Vanguard 2.0 Epic is the perfect choice. Selkirk has redefined their popular Vanguard 2.0 series with the Vanguard Control, featuring the new T700 face.

Having been immersed in the world of paddles for years, I can confidently say Selkirk consistently delivers outstanding control paddles. Earlier this year, they introduced the LUXX Control Air, an innovative paddle based on their Selkirk Labs Project 003. Now, the new Vanguard Control, with its gritty T700 Raw Carbon face derived from the Selkirk Labs Project 006, which offers exceptionally soft resets and heaps of control. If you're a doubles specialist in need of a control-focused paddle, this is a top contender.

Vanguard Control Epic - The Pickleball Store

Find out more about the paddle here - Vanguard Control Air - Epic

Power Paddle of the Month: Bantam TKO-C

The Bantam TKO-C is a powerhouse paddle. I've always had a soft spot for Paddletek, and their paddles, even when those in the paddle industry felt they had disappeared as a brand, our love for Paddletek stayed strong. And with their recent reemergence through their paddles like the Anna Leigh Waters (ALW) Bantam Edition  its clear to us why. Introducing brand new TKO-C used by Christian Alshon, one of the world's top singles players. This is a superb paddle. It's poppy, powerful, and durable. Its basic poly construction, featuring the signature Bantam core complete with a glass epoxy/PT700 face, makes it lightweight, manoeuvrable, and built to last. Give this paddle a try—you won’t be disappointed. Watch our paddle review on it here.

Bantam TKO 14.3 - The Pickleball Store

Set of the Month: Reflex Bundle

The Reflex Bundle is designed and created by the No.1 brand in the world of pickleball. This bundle includes:

  • 2 x SLK Reflex Paddles
  • 3 x SLK Hybrid + Pickleballs
  • 1 x SLK Sling Bag


SLK by Selkirk Reflex Pickleball Bundle - The Pickleball Store

For those unfamiliar with SLK. SLK is Selkirk's entry level to intermediate range of paddles and sets. For those looking for excellent craftsmanship and paddle technology without breaking the bank. SLK by Selkirk combines the latest developments in technology with comfort, balance, and affordability. This set is no different and makes it our choice of beginner set for June. Get the set here.

Explore these paddles and find the perfect fit for your game. Happy pickling

If you have a questions about what pickleball paddle to choose. or what pickleball paddle may best suit your play style please feel free to get in touch either via email, phone or message in the chat box.

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